Where To Follow Transversal Training?

The training is the best way to s écuriser his career , but also to develop it . When we talk about training, however, we think, wrongly, that it concerns technical training , targeted on a trade . There are, however, other short, rewarding training courses which provide the knowledge and skills sought in several areas on the labor market . These training courses are said to be transversal and have the advantage of being transposable to several activities . They thus give working people the means to broaden their range of possibilities and to explore the job market.in order to find a position that will meet their expectations. Interested in this way of boosting your career ? Find out how and where to follow a transversal training .

How to finance transversal training?

With the Personal Training Account , each of your hours worked allows you to earn “CPF credits”. These credits are then stored in euros and form your training budget, the amount can be easily consulted online .

This budget is exclusively allocated to your qualification and offers you the opportunity to train yourself throughout your career thanks to this dedicated funding. You may not have any fees to pay or may at least considerably reduce the bill for your future professional training.

Indeed, each year of activity allows you to accumulate between 500 and 800 euros depending on your level of qualification (the lower it is, the more you increase this threshold). The ceiling is however limited to 10 years of cumulation. That said, this allows, even for a very qualified person, to reach between 5,000 and 8,000 euros of training budget over 10 years. You can use your CPF balance at any time, once the limit is reached there is no validity limit for your balance.

Where to find good transversal training?

Research Tips

There are different forms of transversal training. You will mainly find transversal training courses in project management and management, these are the most widespread and those which are eligible for the Personal Training Account.

Be aware, however, that finding targeted transversal training is not an easy task. As transversal skills have recently been used as independent learning, the transversal training market is still fragile. To find the transversal learning path you want, start by doing your research on the Internet. Google is your best ally if you don’t have a budget or you don’t have a substantial CPF budget.